For a while, I was really excited about the prosepcts of Alex Irvine’s forthcoming Knights of the Old Republic novel. I was really hoping for a novel that featured the central cast of either of the games, even if avoiding the characters of Revan and the Exile. If the rights to such characters had been too difficult for Del Rey to obtain as part of their revised contract, I would have settled for a book about the Mandalorian Wars or Rakata Prime or the Jedi Civil War.

Instead it looks like we’re going to get a novel about another of Kevin J. Anderson’s Mary Sue Jedi, the ‘renowned’ Nomi Sunrider. Big do not want.

What I find most frustrating about this is that it means it’s not a KOTOR novel…it’s a Tales of the Jedi novel and I just have no interest in that at all.

On a related note, it looks as though the ‘top secret’ KOTOR MMORPG is about to hit the headlines. Again, I reiterate: Do not want.

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